Alpha Power Media & Communication

Alpha Power Media & Communication (APMC) is a company that provides call center services to reactivate old customers, to obtain customers feedback after a purchase or to generates new leads.

Keep a steady customer flow.

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Customer Care

Our team is your outsourced department of customer care, which takes care of the entire customer portfolio of your company.

Client Satisfaction

We help you to know the degree of customer’s satisfaction after purchase and make sure you keep the highest standards.

Lead Generation

The leads that bring you sales must not be always new. Old customers are less expensive and more profitable to reactivate.

Managing Partner & Co-founder

Delia Daniu

Partner & Co-founder

Gabriel Istoc

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Customers are the most valuable asset of a company and a good manager should pay the greatest attention to this category.

According to statistics, only 1 in 26 dissatisfied customers talks about it without being asked. The other 25 just choose to buy from the competition.

Our services help you find a real feedback from those 25 to use it effectively for the necessary changes. Used correctly, negative feedback is the perfect source to improve products or services, leading to increased revenue.

Alpha Power Media and Communication Ltd. is an operator of personal data and is registered under number 34 107 ANSPDCP.


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